All Work and NO PLAY

Here's Johnny

“selfie 4 ultra self love”

acrylic, pencils, ink & oil on canvas board
20 x 24 in © 2014 Gabriel Navar


12 thoughts on “All Work and NO PLAY

  1. cool love the glowing ethereal effect of your painting! defiantly onto something, maybe your the next Andy Warhol

    • Jessie, thank you… I am simply following my bliss and daydreams…. I love what I do and enjoy sharing it with my friends and social-media community…. I appreciate your feedback and hope you are doing well… Blessings, Gabriel

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    • Hi.. hope you’re well… thanks for re-blogging my “here’s Johnny”!… I greatly appreciate it. The concept (as well as the one I am working on soon – involving Bela Lugosi – “came to me” while I was in-between a sleep/nightmare/waking/somnambulist “state”)…. have a wonderful Halloween! perhaps that is why I am re-visiting these fun horror films! – Best, Gabriel

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