About Gabriel Navar

I am a professional California artist, poet and college arts educator originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. I am fully engaged in my work and dedicated to producing provocative, relevant, figurative work with a “pop-Latino-surrealist-socio-political sensibility” as well as a “web-based awareness”. As I have said, my image making with words and colors are truly all about the urgency for making images with materials and about this great human drama we are currently living !

Any authentic artist knows in their mind, heart, in their blood, that an artist does what they do because they must. The work that I have been working on over the last few years comes from the awareness and spirit of knowing that we live in difficult, “dark” times. I draw, paint, and write in a sort of spontaneous, “stream-of-consciousness” way where my pre-occupations are varied, yet include current events, consumer culture, relationships, social-political-follies, disasters, spiritual matters, as well as issues that have to do with the prevalence of technology (“connectiveness”, “relevance”, “updatedness”, etc.) in most of our lives. My “topics” are varied and include “miraculous apparitions”, “makeovers gone wrong”, spoils of war, “becoming” part of the natural environment, “over-stepping” one’s carbon footprint, and so on and so on.

The platform that I have been utilizing thematically in my work over the last several years has had a conscious awareness and relationship to the on-line environment, including browser window, references to web giants such as e-bay, facebook, twitter, and, most specifically, youtube.

Within this framework, I have been completely free to explore a myriad of subjects that have interested me, in one way or another, since I began painting and writing poetry back in 1989. I have had many influences and sources of inspiration from poets, Latin American authors, painters. Perhaps those that have made the greatest impact on my work, especially in my early years, include the writers Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Ray Bradbury, Edgar Allan Poe, musicians The Cure, Depeche Mode, Siouxsie and The Banshees, Soda Stereo, and the art and art styles that include Rene Magritte, Salvador Dali, Mad magazine, San Francisco Bay Area muralists, surrealism, metaphysical art, pop art, and expressionism.

I have been very fortunate, I must say, that I have had great support from friends and family, especially my parents who always encouraged my artistic and academic endeavors. My former art professor and fellow artist Mel Ramos has been my greatest mentor since the days when I was a college undergraduate student at Cal State University, Hayward (now known as Cal State University, East Bay). More than any other, Mel encouraged and demanded that I pursue art and higher education… I followed his advice and went on to earn my Masters in Fine Arts at San Jose State University.


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30 thoughts on “About Gabriel Navar

  1. Went directly to the Chespirito series of paintings–¡Chanfle!–I had forgotten all the hilarious moments I had watching Roberto Gómez Bolaños many years ago when I worked for Univision (and “SIN” before it became Univision). Interesting variation with the Obama/Hillary faces!

    • Thank you… I certainly “grew up” in the late seventies/early eighties with the characters of Chespirito…. they continue to fill the lives of millions with nostalgia, fond memories and humor (certainly for me)… thanks for viewing my work…. I appreciate it… where do you live now? – Saludos desde California, Gabriel Navar (http://gabrielnavar.com)

      • I’m in a rural area in southwest Michigan. A lot of farming here and, happily for me, a lot of good Mexican grocery products available due to the farm labor population!

    • Thank you for viewing my work. I also enjoyed your blog and photography. Where in Germany are you? I show annually in Wiesbaden (at Galerie B. Haasner). I have work there. My wife and I visited last year where I had a two-person show along with the famous Pop Artist, my friend and mentor, Mel Ramos. We enjoyed Wiesbaden and Frankfurt (it was very cold in late March!!). Stay in contact, Gabriel (in California); http://gabrielnavar.com

      • Several of them. I really like “Peace” it is very reflective of today’s culture. I somehow missed this yesterday, but I just saw “Weeping Woman”. It reminds me of Picasso’s cubism period and I’m a Picasso fan. I really like the elements you put together in your work. A little pop culture a little everyday life.

  2. Thanks again Gina! I appreciate your feedback and support! Yes, the weeping woman painting is based on one of Picasso’s…. for me, it is very important to depict and explore recognizable/well-known iconic items, people, events, etc., with a “technology (often humorous) twist.
    If you lived in the SF/Bay Area, it would be an honor if you could view my upcoming two-person exhibition (along with my pal Byron Spicer) this November at the San Pablo Art Gallery titled “Ubiquitous World of Small Screens” (the Artist Reception will be on Saturday, November 8, 1-3pm)… Be well and blessings to you, Gabriel (in California)

  3. Hi, I wanted to take moment & thank you for liking my post, Dear Kitten. I see you’re originally from the Bay Area. I’m a Sonoma Co native. My husband & I are currently living up in Ukiah.

    • Hi Victoria, thanks for viewing my work… I had much fun with the Super Hero pieces… I will most likely create more of them! I did my BA at CSU East Bay (Hayward), and my MFA at San Jose State. I bet SFSU was fantastic! I enjoyed your watercolors (the glass bottle still-life ones in particular). Take care. – Gabriel

  4. Hi Gabriel. Your pictures are innovative and engaging. I dabble with oil paints and you truly make me want to start again. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

    • Hi… you are too kind… I also “dabble” but have had the inspiration for some time now (since ’89 !)… I truly love making images that may be composites and are somewhat surreal and Pop-oriented… Stay in touch/ by the way, where are you located? – Gabriel (in Oakland, CA)… http://gabrielnavar.com

  5. Good job, its important to do the things you like with your heart and to love them, and it seems you have these advantages 🙂 You know very good how to do the shading in your draws. That one called Drinking Water App is very original.

    If you have enough time, visit my blog, its called Puswi Space, and its mainly about FanArts of Pokémon. I’ll upload it with frequency.

    Good luck!!

  6. am the owner/publisher/editor of Color Me Southern Magazine and I am always looking for new content for my magazine. I am writing to you because I would love to use some of your content/ideas for my future monthly issues of the Magazine. I always give credit to the person responsible for the content and a link back to where the original content can be found. Please check out my October Issue at http://www.colormesouthernmag.net and let me know if I could use some of your content & art in future issues of the magazine. If this is agreeable to you, then I can also send you a link to the issues your content will appear in if you would like to post it or let others know your content has been published. I anxiously await your response for I am on a deadline for our November Issue to be out by the end of this week. Thank you for your time and keep these inspirational ideas coming!

    • Hi Juanita, I would be delighted to have my art featured in Color Me Southern Magazine. I did check out your Oct. 2015 edition and enjoyed the format and “flow”/layout. Let me know which piece(s) you are interested in and if you need information from me. You may find other images, poetry I’ve written, bio. info., exhibitions info., artist statement, and much more on my website: http://gabrielnavar.com

      Best Regards, Gabriel (in the Bay Area, California)

      • Thank you so much for both your consent and compliment about the Magazine I will visit your website as well as I will get you on which ones I’d like to include, and get your final approval on it all before I publish it. Thanks again and I look forward to checking out your website too. 🙂

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