September fun stuff !!


“Snapchattin’ September fun stuff “; ©GN 2016;

20 x 16 in; acrylic, pencils, ink & oil on canvas;
#WayneThiebaud #MelRamos #CatWoman #WayneThiebaudGirlwithIceCreamCone1963 #SmartPhone #bathingsuit #foreshortening #figurativeart #painting #art #arte #pintura #GabrielNavar

7 thoughts on “September fun stuff !!

    • I viewed some of your work just recently… looking great!! Congrats! I love Thibaud’s work as well.. he was the teacher/mentor of my teacher/mentor Mel Ramos (whom I studied under in the ’90s)… every once in a while I re-visit their work… be well… Gabriel (in California)

      • Gabriel: You know I can see that (mentored by a Thiebaud disciple ) in your work now that you mention it. The density by using different colors, where the figure “ends.” The edge. I don’t know how to describe it but you know what I mean. I love his San Francisco series. Is he still alive?

  1. Hi Hollis… Wayne Thiebaud is still alive… I had the pleasure of meeting him a couple times… great guy, fun sense of humor (as revealed in his work)! Thanks for your support! – G Navar

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