virtual dance fun !!



“trending now” virtual dance fun” © GN 2016;
8x 10 in.; acrylic, pencils, ink & oil on canvas board;
#VirtualReality #virtualglasses #Matisse #theDance #PlanetEarth #cosmic #art #futuristic #malerei #painting #pintura #GabrielNavar     

10 thoughts on “virtual dance fun !!

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  2. I love the style of the dancers… it makes them seem very ancient. I love the way you blend elements of classical art into your paintings. It gives them another layer of depth without sacrificing your own style and expression.

    • thanks and great to hear from you Claire! How’ve you been? I always appreciate your support and views…. I am now creatively exploring the “world” of virtual reality… it seems that it will “fit” my sensibilities and provide additional freedoms! Best Regards, Gabriel

  3. maestro navar es magistral tu sello ; para mi has plasmado un mundo tecnologico y multimedia en un cosmos de total …ILUMINACION …felicitaciones maestro ,,,,de verdadd que he aprendido siendo su amigo.

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