robot love! happy 2016!!



“trending now: robot love” © GN 2015

19 x 18 inches; acrylic, pencils, ink & oil on masonite;

I am sharing with you here my final image for 2015 (a sort of tribute to one of my favourite musical bands, Kraftwerk, from Düsseldorf, Germany… pioneers  and incredibly influential in many genres, including music/art “pop”, “experimental” and “electronica”)…   next year will be even more productive and fantastic!!

#Kraftwerk #TheManMachine #robots #DaftPunk #human #art #pintura #arte #painting #humanos  #©1978

check them out:


16 thoughts on “robot love! happy 2016!!

    • Thanks again Claire! One of my biggest interests is music (especially late ’70’s – early ’80’s… post-punk, electronica, funk, “new-romantic”, synth-pop, and on and on…. blessings to u! – Best Regards, G

  1. Funny, I randomly started binge-listening to various remixes of Tour de France by Kraftwerk. Glad it actually existed and wasn’t a dream. Have an amazing 2016! Peace,Harlon

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