December whim; capricho de Diciembre



“trending now: December whim” © GN 2015
20 x 16 in.; acrylic, pencils, ink & oil on canvas.
#EdvardMunch #TheScream #December #painting #expressionism #Oslo #Norway #swirls #smartphone #pintura #arte #expresionismo #malerie #kunstler #elgrito

9 thoughts on “December whim; capricho de Diciembre

    • thanks again… I’ve always enjoyed (and have been somewhat haunted) by Munch’s “the Scream”… I would love to visit Oslo, Norway someday, especially since one of my favourite musical groups (the first concert I attended in my teens, actually in the 80’s), A-ha, is from Oslo!!!! – Gabriel

  1. This is awesome! I’ve been doing inspired pieces from known artist of late as well – it’s an interesting process! I really like your interpretation piece.

    Also very impressed on your skills with oil paints – I’m yet to try it but it’s definitely on the cards for this year so wish me luck!

    Oh and you’re very prolific in churning through pieces – good on you!!!

    • I appreciate it (and deeply enjoy your work… you are very prolific as well… and your work is powerful and “haunting” at times)… I like to paint various figurative topics and am interested in iconic (or at least well or somewhat known subject-matter). Do try oil paints… they do dry very slowly and require adequate ventilation… I often use acrylics because I don’t have to wait too much for them to dry (this allows me to move on to other ideas that are streaming through my mind). Best Regards, Gabriel in California (

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