Artist Spotlight: Gabriel Navar

I am very grateful and honored to have been featured in Claire St. Hilaire‘s WordPress Blog. She is a very gifted artist.
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Every Life is a Memoir

Gabriel Navar’s artwork gives one a glimpse of the bold, surreal and symbolic world of the subconscious usually reserved for dreams. He draws upon an expansive background of cultural insight, including the American (particularly Californian) cultural experience, art history, his own Mexican heritage and an awareness of the ubiquitous use of, and dependence on, technological devices. Utilizing this wealth of knowledge, along with skills learned from years of study, Navar is able to produce pieces that fuse pop culture, modernism and classical skill with a dash of comic book flair.

One can easily become lost in the trance-like state in which his artwork exists. Part of the magic of his work is its ability to keep one enraptured with enough modernistic style to revive latent emotions while maintaining enough context to satisfy intellectual reasoning. In fact, while gazing into the expanse of Navar’s paintings one not only gains a sense

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