“instagrammin’ worldliness” © G Navar 2015

20 x 14  1/2 in.; acrylic, pencils, ink & oil on paper

#elMundo  #LaLoteria  #McDonalds  #RonaldMcDonald  #instagram  #selfie


14 thoughts on “worldliness!!

  1. wow! great entry! Although I remember my childhood days whenever I see Ronald Mcdonald. Very impressive artworks. Keep it up! Looking forward more artworks though. Thank you for liking my about page. You’re always welcome to visit my blog anytime. By the way, posted two posts under the behind the story, say something and leave the past is the title. 🙂

      • It was a pleasure Gabriel Navar! 🙂 I really love looking artworks and poetry, most especially if it’s colorful and bright in my eyes that gets me too attractive. 🙂 Sure! After I publish my new entry for today. I’ll check immediately your site. Planning to post my poems too. Soon! Will make my blog more informative and updated 🙂 You’re always welcome in my blog. 🙂 Feel free to suggest anything. haha!

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