Drinking Water App


“instagrammin’ water wishes”

acrylic, pencils, ink & oil on paper
22 x 14 3/4 in © 2015 Gabriel Navar


13 thoughts on “Drinking Water App

  1. wow this is an awesome piece of art. Is there a message on here? I see it saying “we use everything for our devices, the only it’s missing is for it to hydrate us too.” Just my opinion.

    • Thank You Marie, I appreciate it…. I have been creating paintings that deal with the “themes” of our tech devices. Occasionally, I create a painting like this one, where there is a sort of app that offers and delivers something… I definitely was thinking about hydrating (especially since I live in California where we are in the midst of a 4-year drought)… Best Regards, Gabriel

      • Wow, I live in California too. My family and I are 20 minutes north of Sacramento; so I know what you mean about this drought (We all wish for hydration). Until next time, Marie.

  2. Thanks again Marie… so happy for you… just so you know, I will be in a group exhibition in Oakland (at Joyce Gordon Gallery, 14th Street between Broadway and Franklin in Downtown Oakland)… the Opening Reception will be on First Friday, Sept. 4th beginning at 6pm (the exhibition will run through Halloween!!)…. hope you and your family can make it… Best Regards, G Navar

  3. I would say that is a form of surrealism and definitily it is one of the coolest creations. Its really amazing and give space for other inspirations.

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