3-CPO Baroqueness

3-CPO Baroqueness

3-CPO Baroqueness

“instagrammin’ baroqueness”  © G Navar  2015

14 3/4 x 22 in.; acrylic, ink, pencils & oil on paper

#caravaggio  #supperatemmaus  #spaceinvaders  #selfie  #3-CPO  # starwars  #instagram  #apple  #macintosh


12 thoughts on “3-CPO Baroqueness

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    • Thanks Claire… I am definitely a fan of Caravaggio and the Baroque…. but also, 20th century (and 21at century, I suppose) pop culture! – I’ll keep exploring! Best Regards, Gabriel (in Oakland, CA)

  2. Loving the blend of Star Wars and religious subject matter. I also read in the comments that you are a fan of “Caravaggio” same here. In fact, i had to do a presentation about him way back in Art School. Great Stuff! =)

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