Gray Stillness

gray stillness & fun

gray stillness & fun

“instagrammin’ gray stillness” © G Navar

22 x 15 inches;  acrylic, pencils, ink & oil on paper

#Whistler  #Minions  #selfie  #Ghostbusters  #selfie  #instagram  #laptop


20 thoughts on “Gray Stillness

    • saludos desde Oakland, California Nel. Muchas gracias por su comentario… me encanta combina diferentes “mundos”, especialmente cuando tienen relación al arte, cultura, historia, pop y el surrealismo. – Gabriel

  1. I wish to know more abut foreign land . I love foreign peoples.way they communicate ,way they express themselvesthemselves. It will be an awesome experience to explore their. Point of views

    • Hello, yes, I agree, it is great to meet people from many different parts of the world and who have diverse ideas and cultural ways (including art, literature, cooking, etc.) – Best, Gabriel (in California)

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