Fish Bowl


“instagramming’ smooth flowings”

acrylic, pencils, ink & oil on paper
26 x 20 in © 2015 Gabriel Navar

#art #painting #fish #fishbowl #goldfish #easter

13 thoughts on “Fish Bowl

  1. Hello, I’ve enjoyed all of the work of yours I’ve seen, this one is pretty heavy and very stylish. I figured it deserved more than just a “like” – this is a “super-like” Peace, Harlon

      • Funny how we find our words or images. I am deeply envious of anyone who lives in California…I am in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada. It’s a great city…but no matter how you slice it, winter sucks! Peace, Harlon

    • Thank you once more for your support and interest in my work! I greatly appreciate it and am humbled! Where are you based? I’d love to invite you to some upcoming art activities/exhibitions… I have several (been very fortunate!!) exhibitions including in Oakland, CA, Los Angeles, New Jersey, and Germany…. Blessings to you! – Gabriel Navar (in California)

      • You’re welcome. I love the arts. I use to draw and paint a lot growing up. And sometimes, I still do. Just not as often as I use to. You’re work is just very inspiring. I lived in Gardena, CA for about 10 years, but I now live in Orlando, FL. Much luck with everything Gabriel. We’ll definitely keep in touch. If you happen to have an exhibition in the area, let me know and I’ll be honored to attend.

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