An Einstein selfie

An Einstein selfie. I am currently working in my studio on my painting inspired by an Albert Einstein photograph… It is now part of my selfie series. Hope you enjoy it.

Please visit my selfie page to view more selfie paintings:


16 thoughts on “An Einstein selfie

  1. We love the Bay Area! I am so happy to be returning to the SF/Oakland this Winter! Most of my family, friends and networks are there! Great energy and good times/food/events are ahead for us!… Be well, Gabriel

      • Hi, Gabriel, I am happy to see again your arts, also I would like to ask you, of cource if you want, one day to write together an article about painting, would you like the ide? I wait for your reply.

      • I am grateful for your reply. As I told you before, I am from Greece, Athen. To start our project as you mention it, I you show a plan as first step, with this plan you can agree or not. Remember Today until Friday, I will send you the Plan. With regards, Maria pestematzogloy!

      • here is the structure


        2)-what is art?

        -a brief history of religion?

        -how to analyze an art(could put some paintings to explain technical details)?
        -how art explore the reality of the world?



      • the introduction and conclusion could be very easy, if we write it at the end. what ever eplaination you want to ask about the structure, just ask,
        with regards, Maria

  2. Hi Maria, thank you for your correspondence. yes, lets write an article!… what are your thoughts and ideas? Where are you located? I appreciate your interest and support. Gabriel (in Oakland, California)

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