11 thoughts on “Flower Girl

  1. This piece is amazing! I can’t stop thinking about it and had to say something. I love the mask-like quality of the Dia de los Muertos skull/mask, the way the “sugar skull” contrasts with the Morton Salt Girl imagery, and the hallucinatory feeling I get from the radioactive twilight sky combined with the motion of repetitive slanting rain. I’m obsessed with Warhol and I know he’d be insanely jealous if he could see the immense humanity you’ve managed to overlay on top of iconic imagery. Do you think “selfies” are going to a style architype in the future? I guess maybe they are already! You are amazing. best- susan f. (the whitelightwhiteheatdesign girl 🙂

    • Hi and thank you for your insightful, descriptive feedback… I appreciate it… I especially find your comment regarding “the immense humanity you’ve managed to overlay on top of iconic imagery”… I find it meaningful and expresses what I am doing these weeks, months by creating images that are essentially composites of emblematic images, products, personalities, within the “selfie” platform that is ubiquitous on a global level. I too am a fan of Warhol and Pop-Surrealist art as a whole…. my first meaningful art mentor/instructor was Mel Ramos…. (we are still friends since 1991 and sometimes show our work together…)… be well! – Gabriel (http://gabrielnavar.com)

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