Let’s Go Oakland!


I am rooting for my Oakland A’s. The Athletics will be playing against the Houston Astros tonight at the Oakland Coliseum. The A’s are currently 2nd in AL Western Division.



7 thoughts on “Let’s Go Oakland!

    • Thank you… I grew up with sports as a young person living in Oakland, CA… my family and friends would go and support our home teams… sports and my home teams (the A’s, Raiders, and Golden State Warriors) represent nostalgia for me, more than anything else…. – Be well, Gabriel

      • Finding the nostalgic thread in someones work gets you so hooked. I was looking at a Basquiat book with a friend yesterday and we were talking about the tiny car doodle that shows up. The mystique of nostalgia is so……human yet so intangible it’s a little immaculate.

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