Scooby Scooby Doo… where are you?


“ selfie 4 autumn awesomeness 2 ”
acrylic, pencils, ink & oil on paper
20 1/4 x 26 in © 2014 Gabriel Navar

Who knew Scooby Doo had such sexy legs?

15 thoughts on “Scooby Scooby Doo… where are you?

      • Hey, I was looking through your paintings and I was wondering…have you done one of these enormous icons: Sherlock Holmes or Dr. Who? My first thought was Dr. Who bc you could do a lot of funky creative mischief with the TARDIS. I love the humor in your work, especially the sardonic side. I’m so super serious all the time. It’s refreshing to laugh and see a good painting

  1. Hi and thanks for viewing my work… You are so right, I should look into Holmes and Dr. Who…. I simply follow my “subconscious” and follow where it may take me… hopefully I’m on some kind of “beneficial” path (in a spiritual and creative sense, that is!).. I will consider what you mentioned and am grateful… bless u and your family! – Gabriel (in California ; )

  2. I’ve been thinking about your work this morning. Yes, really. Pat yourself on the back, stranger ;). First, as for Sherlock, I wonder if you could incorporate the original drawings from The Strand magazine. The other thing is, well, lol, since I have kids naturally there are toys everywhere and….have you thought of doing a portrait of Barbie? You could really do some social commentary there. I work from the unconscious stream as well and I know you have to jive with your impulses. Just wanted to bounce ideas

  3. Hi, once again, thank you for thinking about my work as well as your ideas… I especially love the Barbie idea and commentary! Lets see what I come up with… in the meantime, I am currently working on a few ideas that I’ll get done sometime soon (since I am also a full-time college art instructor). Have a great Labor Day weekend! – Gabriel (in California)

    • Thnk you… I appreciate it very much… I also have been enjoying viewing your work… it is very inspiring… wish I could do what you do.By the way, what city are you in? I show my work in Wiesbaden and have work at Galerie B. Haasner. – Warmest regards… Greetings from California! – Gabriel

  4. Hi, seems like you live very far from Frankfurt and Wiesbaden… Germany is such a beautiful country… we’ve been there a couple times and always enjoyed the landscapes, art, people, culture, food! We will return someday!. Thanks for your support and interest. – Gabriel

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