Chespirito Series

I find myself being inspired by the iconic, classic characters created by the Mexican writer and actor Roberto Gómez Bolaños. In 2012, I decided to paint “El Chapulin Colorado”, but with a twist (with the face of Barack Obama), suggesting that even the president of the United States is a fan of the Latino (somewhat goofy) underdog and hero of the working class for Spanish-Speaking countries (as well, perhaps, as for countries that feature and translate these television and on-line programs). For the painting “app 2 gain Latino fans 2”, I decided to visit “El Chavo Del Ocho” but, again, with a twist… this time, I decided to put onto the face the grinning expression of Hillary Rodham Clinton as a sort of hero for the everyday person.

For more information please visit my Chespirito page:


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