Gum… mmm…

Gum... mmm...

“app 4 sweet survival”

acrylic, pencils, ink & oil on canvas
20 x 16 in © 2014 Gabriel Navar


4 thoughts on “Gum… mmm…

      • Ok, thanks Gabriel! I’m located in Curacao, the Caribbean. I was looking for your page on facebook to like it. Couldn’t find it. Do U have a profile too? Can I add U? Your website is cool. I have been checking it out. Have a great week! xX

  1. Thank You Karin… I have never been to the Caribbean… perhaps someday!… regarding facebok, I suppose I don’t use it well… I believe it is simply

    You may also find me on facebook (I believe) by simply looking for my name (!?)…. Thanks for checking out my website… I am honored!!! – Stay in touch, Gabriel

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