Hotel Room

Hotel Room

“app 4 fast thinking”
acrylic, pencils, ink, & oil on canvas board
16 x 20 in © 2013 Gabriel Navar

This is a painting I just completed, an homage to Edward Hopper’s “Hotel Room”  (1931)  with an unexpected Ronald MacDonald and analog television (static!!) juxtaposition. It is an art parody with a modern twist about different eras.

Gabriel Navar


15 thoughts on “Hotel Room

  1. From your blog, I am learning to interpret paintings. I have always found them a very “pretentious” form of art. But I feel I have been wrong all this time. Could you suggest some books for beginners like me on understanding this art and why is it significant, its influences in public discourse, perception, politics and philosophy? A book which tells me that painting has not merely been a work of leisurely artists but of rather profound pedigree. They way I appreciate the inventor Leonardo, I do not find myself appreciating the painter Leonardo. And it is because I have no idea of how paintings have influenced public at large. Is it the art for art’s sake or it really has some objectives? I really want to know the impact that paintings have had over time on perception of history, politics, philosophy etc. I hope you get this gibberish of mine, which is actually borne out of confusion regarding the status of painting as an art form, whose contributions to human experience, in my opinion, other than visual and aesthetic, has not been as great and influential as that of other art forms such as writing, theatres, music, poems etc. But I am eager to know, learn and hence may be appreciate the paintings and their impact. Thanks!

    • Hi Rahul… thanks for your comment…. I feel that the best books that may address what you are asking may be a textbook that is designed for an Art Survey/Art Appreciation Course…. I may suggest some titles here: Art Forms, Living With Art, Understanding Art, The Meaning of Art, The Power of Art, (and there are many more). These are all “findable” in a library, on ebay, yahoo, and so on…. hope I was helpful…. by the way, I teach Art Appreciation (and other art courses) at a Community College and use Getlein’s “Living With Art” (they are now in their 10th Edition, but any older edition will do it)…. Gabriel

      • Hi Gabriel, Many thanks for the reply. I will start with Getlein’s book. Though you have listed titles, but I would be obliged if you could refer some good authors on these subjects. A good 2 or 3 names would do.

      • Hi Rahul… I have several author in mind but my faves include Mary Ellen Miller (especially for a course I teach on the art of Mesoamerica… I also enjoy H.W. Janson (for a broad Art History angle)…

  2. I love how your paintings can show a little humor and lots of colour but still be so attached to reality that it becomes quite disturbing.. In a nice way. Good work

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    • Don’t want to give anyone nightmares! However, for me it is important to explore the “un-beautiful”, dark (along w/ creepy) and disturbing from time to time…. I suppose it’s an integral part of my auto-“therapy” along with interest in “Goth” culture (in music and literature… I find it romantic)… cheers and thanks again, Gabriel

      • Yes definitely. I’m doing that all the time, lol, my stuff is just abstract so it’s a little different. Lots more to say but kids and practical life must happen now. Have a nice evening

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