Oh, those Goose-bumps

may I share with you why I am blessed?
I am blessed because I live in California
and may indulge in the majesty
of ancient Redwood giants and
massage my post-information-age anxieties
on their phosphorescent moss…

a child of spray-paint cans, the Sugarhill Gang,
and Edgar Allan Poe… I’ve always felt goose-bumps
immersed in the labyrinths of Octavio Paz…

may I tell you why I am triumphant?
I am triumphant because I am able to glide over your hateful words
about the Hernandez, the Garcias, the Gonzalezes…
and, no, they are not speedy!
no need for your nonsense, your thoughts are a mess…

a son of Popeye, Martin Luther King Jr., Pancho Villa, El Chavo del Ocho….
I’ve always felt goose-bumps immersed
in the many, many years of solidude by Garcia Marquez…

may I express to you why I am successful?
I am successful because I am free to write these words…
I am a “product” of lotería, Mazapan, Uno, Snickers….
It’s all mixed into my cosmic marmalade…

a student of the sophisticated Maya, Rene Magritte and fan of posole,
I’ve always felt goose-bumps immersed in the Oakland sunshine sippin’ my Kool-aid!

© Gabriel Navar

9 thoughts on “Goose-bumps

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    • Thank you for viewing/reading my poetry… I appreciate it…. I read your short poem and absolutely enjoyed it… it is very powerful… I too am sort of beginning… although I’ve been writing for many years, I don’t rite much…. I spend more time creating paintings. Check out my work if you have some time (here on WP as well as on my web-site… Blessings to you and stay inspired – Gabriel (in California)

      • Thank you so much for the link Sir. It is so wonderful to find outstanding art. I can’t really judge you at your brilliant paintings but since I have a little bit knowledge in poetry, I would say…I absolutely loved ‘Sky’s stream’. The imagery it sent into my mind was brilliant. God bless 🙂
        Keep writing!

  2. Thanks again Afya…. you too keep writing… I do appreciate you spending time visiting my humble website…. Lets stay inspired and write and create powerful and relevant work! – Blessings to you – Gabriel

    • Thanks Carole… When it comes to writing, I go through phases of writing a lot and then nothing for long periods of time… I have been yearning to pick up a pencil and put some words down… I will… I appreciate the encouragement! – Be well… Best Regards, Gabriel

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