app 4 swimming with sharks

app 4 swimming with sharks

28" x 18"; acrylic, pencils, ink & oil on paper; © Gabriel Navar 2011

This is a recent painting from my “app” series and was initially inspired by a dream I had not too long ago about feeling quite comfortable in a pool with sharks. In this investigation, I explore the concept of “sharkness” in terms of not only literal sharks, considered one of the ultimate and perfectly designed predators, but also the idea of the business-person (“sharking” it up in the corporate world), the “wannabe”, tough-guy clown (payaso), and, of course, the tech-giants that are, at the moment, vying to stay on top (fighting to keep their “sharkhood”).



“Landschaft (Landscape)”

Galerie Haasner in Wiesbaden, Germany has invited me to show my work in their upcoming landscape exhibition. It is an honor to show “Semanas Deliciosas (Delicious Weeks)”. The canvas for “Semanas Deliciosas” was Mel Ramos’ canvas where he had started a painting of his own. He gessoed over the image and was not going to use it anymore. Therefore, he offered it to me and I “recycled” and altered the figure that he had begun. The exhibition runs from October 21 – December 17, 2011. Other artists in the exhibition besides Mel Ramos and myself include Adam Jankowski, Uwe Städler, Barbara Rainforth, and Susan Federico.

Below are the paintings selected for the exhibition: “Semanas Deliciosas (Delicious Weeks)” and “ (”. Enjoy !

“ (”; acrylic & oil on paper; 18″ x 24″ © Gabriel Navar 2011

“app 4 dreaming in code”

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“app 4 dreaming in code”
acrylic, pencils, ink & oil on paper
24″ x 18″ © GN 2011

This is a new painting from my app series where I propose the phenomenon of continuing the code writing and thinking process even while one is asleep and dreaming. Imagine that! No rest for the mind…. wow… could be a blessing or a nightmare (!?).

“app 4 macho outbursts”

app 4 macho outbursts”

acrylic, pencils & ink on paper

 24 x 18 inches © GN 2011

This is a recent painting from my app series. It features a tipsy macho man surrounded by his compartmentalized “baggage”, rooster and clown suits which hang within arm’s length (no suits required in this case, however). The man is in mid-dancing step, possibly unaware, in denial or simply oblivious to his shortcomings, shenanigans and overall buffoonery…. enjoy!

The Big Stairs

I hope everybody has a great first day of Autumn. Will be in attendance at the Richmond’s Art Center reception Saturday, September 24th, 2011 2- 4 pm celebrating their 75th  Year Anniversary Exhibition “Beyond Tradition: Art Legacies at the Richmond Art Center, Part II.

My 1993 painting “The Big Stairs” is included in the exhibit.

Alt text

The Big Stairs – 48″ x 48 (c) 1993 Gabriel Navar