app 4 distractions 3

“app 4 distractions 3”

© GN  2011

24″ x 18″   acrylic, pencils ink & oil on paper

This is the newest from my app series where I was inspired by a detail from

Michelangelo’s Last Judgment in the Sistine Chapel Ceiling, fresco, 1534-1541 (Vatican City, Rome).

In the detail, Michelangelo  included Saint Bartholomew, who was martyred by being skinned alive.

He holds the knife in one hand (although in my painting, he is holding a tech-gadget, of course),

and in his other he holds his skin. When we look closely at the skin of St. Bartholomew

we see that Michelangelo painted his self-portrait there which appears distorted in the sagging skin.

In this app painting, I decided to create my own apps, for example:

app 4 momma’s boys, app 4 reformers, app 4 injustices, app 4 ego repair, app 4 the have-nots, & app 4 soothsayin’



One thought on “app 4 distractions 3

  1. Nicely done, brother. I enjoy how this one varies, while still continuing the theme you’ve created to be, now, natural. I dig the new apps…. you should trademark them because we know in time these will be “must have apps”! And i dig the variation on the bottom, slide to unlock, opposed to the normal icons. It’s always a bit of a thrill when you do a little appropriation 😀

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