“app 4 reconnecting with nature”

“app 4 reconnecting with nature” © 2011

24″ x 18″ ; acrylic, pencils, ink & oil on paper


2 thoughts on ““app 4 reconnecting with nature”

  1. Nice! This is another wonderful addition to the new, ever continuing series reflecting society. I enjoy how in this piece we have multimedia– the consistent distraction from self awareness. Nature- one of the most important things for reconnecting with self awareness. And the sly message embodying our sleep, dreams, the subconscious which begs for the attention of our oblivious conscious. Thrilling… mantener estas obras de arte que viene!

    • gracias Señor Blake…. takes me a while to get to “bloggin'” but I want u 2 know that I appreciate your insights, words and support…. u r a great “wordsmith”… adelante hombre!

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