“Landschaft (Landscape)”

Galerie Haasner in Wiesbaden, Germany has invited me to show my work in their upcoming landscape exhibition. It is an honor to show “Semanas Deliciosas (Delicious Weeks)”. The canvas for “Semanas Deliciosas” was Mel Ramos’ canvas where he had started a painting of his own. He gessoed over the image and was not going to use it anymore. Therefore, he offered it to me and I “recycled” and altered the figure that he had begun. The exhibition runs from October 21 – December 17, 2011. Other artists in the exhibition besides Mel Ramos and myself include Adam Jankowski, Uwe Städler, Barbara Rainforth, and Susan Federico.

Below are the paintings selected for the exhibition: “Semanas Deliciosas (Delicious Weeks)” and “ (”. Enjoy !

“ (”; acrylic & oil on paper; 18″ x 24″ © Gabriel Navar 2011


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