“app 4 dreaming in code”

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“app 4 dreaming in code”
acrylic, pencils, ink & oil on paper
24″ x 18″ © GN 2011

This is a new painting from my app series where I propose the phenomenon of continuing the code writing and thinking process even while one is asleep and dreaming. Imagine that! No rest for the mind…. wow… could be a blessing or a nightmare (!?).


One thought on ““app 4 dreaming in code”

  1. It is an interesting concept that we never really rest. i wrote a piece on this a few days ago yet never posted it. It talks about what we do to relax… come home from work and just flip on the tube or something of the like to “get our mind off things.” To me it really seems that if we do that to “unwind”, we are really only blocking it out for a temporary time.. when we show up to work the next day, all the same stressers are there. A better approach might be to come home and spend half an hour thinking about things that occurred in your day, being “mindful” may help to truly unwind. This being said, i still come home and flip on the tv / computer. therefore, my man, i still sleep in code. ‘-)

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