Just finished “” (28″ x 22″ acrylic, pencils & oil on board). The theme is a continuation of the mental compartmentalizing and “hoarding” experience series. The boxes in the paintings are a symbol for personal “baggage”. This is the fourth piece on the series. I enjoy exploring and elaborating on a theme by re-visiting and often re-contextualizing “themes” or images. On the right arm of the young man he has a tattoo of a scannable QR bar code which allows potential customers – instantly learn more about a business, by visiting a mobile version of the business’ place page on any supported phone. I am intrigue by the ability we may have to instantly absorb, collect, and become part of a product or experience by using a smart device. This a direction I wish to explore.


One thought on “

  1. I really enjoy this piece. The baggage us humans build up over time and carry with us is very extensive… so many things get caught in both our conscious and subconscious that effect the many day to day actions we make; i enjoy a visual element for it brought to life. ….
    gracias por compartir.

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