app 4 distractions 3

“app 4 distractions 3”

© GN  2011

24″ x 18″   acrylic, pencils ink & oil on paper

This is the newest from my app series where I was inspired by a detail from

Michelangelo’s Last Judgment in the Sistine Chapel Ceiling, fresco, 1534-1541 (Vatican City, Rome).

In the detail, Michelangelo  included Saint Bartholomew, who was martyred by being skinned alive.

He holds the knife in one hand (although in my painting, he is holding a tech-gadget, of course),

and in his other he holds his skin. When we look closely at the skin of St. Bartholomew

we see that Michelangelo painted his self-portrait there which appears distorted in the sagging skin.

In this app painting, I decided to create my own apps, for example:

app 4 momma’s boys, app 4 reformers, app 4 injustices, app 4 ego repair, app 4 the have-nots, & app 4 soothsayin’


Oakland Box Theater & Gallery 10 Year Reunion Exhibition

I would like to invite you to the “Oakland Box Theater & Gallery 10 Year Reunion Exhibition” at The Kaiser Center (300 Lakeside Dr.), in Oakland, CA. The exhibition opens December 9, 2011 and runs through December 30, 2011. I have been honored by being invited to participate as a visual artist in this exhibition. The opening evening party (Friday, December 9th, 9 pm – 1:30 am) showcases many legendary musicians, poets, DJs, filmmakers and visual artists, including Rico Pabon, Paris King, Sonia Whittle, Dyanna Loeb, Scorpio Blues, Aaron Lane, Eric Murphy, James Gayles, Malik & Karen Sereferu, Asual Aswad, Los Rakas, Joanne Ludwig, Maria Fatima, Sake One, Agana, and many, many others.

Please visit my Exhibition Page to learn more about my exhibition activity and to view the work which will be included in the “Oakland Box Theater & Gallery 10 Year Reunion Exhibition”.


“app 4 earning instant street cred”
28 x 22 in
acrylic, pencils, ink, & oil on board
© Gabriel Navar 2011

Recent Website Update

View recent website updates featuring new painting in 2008-11 Gallery Page. I have added recent work that is part of my recent and ongoing “app” series. Included is my version of the Morton Salt Girl transformed into Mexican artist Frida Kahlo carrying a “smart” tablet while app concepts and ideas “rain” upon her. Hope you enjoy my recent work !

app 4 distractions

“app 4 distractions”
acrylic, oil, ink & pencils on paper
24″ x 18″ © 2011 Gabriel Navar

This is my recent app painting where I decided to re-visit one of my favorite “nostalgic” artist “heroes”, Leonardo da Vinci and his most famous portrait, “Mona Lisa”. In my parody version, I explore the idea of La Giaconda being distracted (while sitting for the artist) by a received text or social-media update (on her iPhone device) on twitter, facebook, or youtube video feed. Surrounding the model, I decided to write (chalkboard style, similar to writing “lines” on the board as punishment for inappropriate or devious behavior) the word “distractions” over and over again. However, I wrote it in a format that mirrors the way Leonardo would write in his notebooks: He usually used “mirror writing”, starting at the right side of the page and moving to the left. In a mirror, one may see the message reversed and correctly. I believe that if da Vinci were alive in these times, he most likely would have developed the most sophisticated technological devices (like the iPod or iPad, by Steve Jobs) and, probably also, the most streamlined texting approaches.