Making Art work your business and sharing it your mission

Gabriel Navar:

I totally understand your view.


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Hare Style!

Hare Style!

Recently a local gallery has closed its doors and switched off the lights for the last time, I suspect this is a common happening.  As a budding new artist I have to admit it made my heart sink but I am not one for staring at closed doors, and if you are reading on then you are looking for new doorways too.  Galleries are seen as the pinnacle of promotion for most artists, we just love the idea of people walking up to, around and into the idea of that which we create.  If I am honest an art gallery also acts as a buffer between me and the dirty word…Money.  Why do I call it the dirty word? Because it is the one thing I am uncomfortable about handling, and I do not think I am alone in this.  In fact I would rather walk on fire…

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